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Friday, April 22, 2011

Product Review-Jericho Skin Care

I received 2 free samples of Jericho's skin care products, one is eye gel and the other is body butter. I have been using the eye gel all around my eyes and this stuff is just incredible! I started noticing my eyelids were looking a bit droopy and I was getting bags under my eyes. They are both gone after using for a week! I was worried about dishing out serious money for eye creams, but I have found mine!! I will be using the body butter tomorrow after I shower but I am certain I will like that as well. Here is some info that I think you might like to know.All their products are not tested on animals, they take ingredients from the Dead Sea.
That is the link for the eye gel I just described. Also, if your interested      you can go here to get a free 
sample. I absolutely recommend the eye gel, it has done wonders for me!

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