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Friday, November 19, 2010Holiday Challenge Book Review

I chose "A Highlander for Christmas" by Sandy Blair for one of the books for the Holiday Book Challenge, I only have 2 holiday books, so I will wait a little before I read the next one! Ok, now for the review.

This book can fall under several categories, Historical Romance, paranormal and Romantic Comedy! Sandy writes with such flair,and a terrific sense of humor!

How the two main characters meet is unique,right off the bat. And I must say, there really isnt alot o "typical" romance in here, however the humor and storyline keeps you

reading and wanting more! I must say the ending was just terrific! If you want to have a fun read, this is definitely one!

My rating:5 Sodas- Just fantastic-get it if ya can!

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Monday, November 15, 2010BOOK REVIEW-The Wrecker by Clive Cussler

This was not a typical underwater adventure (NUMA). In fact this book is #2 in the Isaac Bell series, a new character I was introduced to in this book. First off, this adventure was done a long time ago,so I kind of consider it an "old time" novel. It was gripping, the plot just kept getting better the more I read. The main character (Isaac) goes up against this criminal (not telling you who it is) that just when you think he's going to get caught-wrong!! For a totally different theme, this book has lots of trains. I grew up near trains, but they werent like the older ones. I found it absolutely fascinating. A good solid read, and the ending is not quite what you would expect! Loved that.

My rating-4 Sodas
Friday, July 30, 2010Sarahs Garden A Patch of Heaven Book Review!

This is a story of a young Amish girl who has a gift with her garden, though the title may lead you to believe that is her Patch of Heaven, it is actually something different! She meets a handsome, young Dr. who happens to be an "Englischer" and they start developing feelings for each other, which is frowned upon in her community. On top of that they run into trouble along the way along with several other difficulties. Sarah is very devoted to her faith and family, and it is a heartwarming story. This is the first in a series by Kelly Long and I hope I have the opportunity to read the next one!! If you want to read something that will touch your heart this is a very good book! I personally think the Amish live a wholesome, clean life and I admire their dedication.

Thanks for reading! This book was provided by Booksneeze for review and the opinions expressed here are mine alone.

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Sunday, May 23, 2010Booksneeze Book Review!!

I am reviewing the book, "Everyone Communicates Few Connect" by John C. Maxwell. I have one great word for this book, Enlightening!! I have had trouble communicating, so I found this book to be very self-helpful! To tell you more, the author explains that there are several ways of connecting with the people in your life. He breaks it down so that its very easy to understand and quite pleasant to read!

Some self help books are very technical and quite honestly boring, but this book was/is very enjoyable. Did you know that we receive thousands of messages each day, and that we choose which ones to respond to? Interesting, not something I really ever thought about.

Having a good attitude, a sense of humor and several other traits will help you connect, according to Mr. Maxwell. There are Five Principles and Five Practices in this book that will help you achieve better connections, I recommend this for those who need to communicate better, or who enjoys learning new things. This book is very well written and I would buy it!

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Friday, September 17, 2010Great Parents, Lousy Lovers Book Review

Great Parents, Lousy Lovers is written by Dr. Gary Smalley, PH.D and Ted Cunningham. Dr. Smalley is an older man who has worked with Ted on several occasions, and likes the way his mind works. Ted is a married man with kids and is a man of faith,very active with his church.

This books is a must for anyone who has wrapped their loves solely around their children and has forgotten how to be a loving partner. I related to so many things in this book! For instance, One of the Chapters titles is (see if this doesnt sound like you)-Preparing for Change-you might be a great parent, lousy lover if you feel like a cook,maid, or shuttle and you run your home like a hotel! The interesting part of this is it is written in daily life terms. At the end of each chapter you are given ideas/assignments that you can do with your spouse to help strenghten your relationship. No one likes being in a rut of any kind, but this is so common that I think is a shame. I believe that a home should be well balanced, even though it is very hard to do. I like this book for how it is written and the guidance to lead you in the right direction. It also reminds us that our marriage is a joining of two people under God, who wants us to be happy. This a MUST BUY for anyone looking to strenghten their marriage.

FTC Rules State that I must tell you that I have received a copy of this book from Tyndale House Publishers, I received no compensation.

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