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Tuesday, April 12, 2011


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I am sooooo happy, I entered 16 of the 67 Blogmania contests this past weekend, and I won!! I won a HUGE prize pack which I will tell you about in a minute! First I want to thank Fun At Being Frugal for the awesome giveaway! Next I want to thank ALL the terrific sponsors who were generous with this Blogmania! I am still in a kind of shock..LOL. Ok, here is what I won!
$50 GC to CSN
$50 GC to Problem Solvers
$30 to Eden Fantasy
$25 to
$25 to Apothica
$30 to Cinnamon Haven on Etsy
$20 Eclipse Spa
$35 GC to Two Bears One Heart on Etsy
$10 Eversave credit
$20 GC to California Tea Co.
PLUS: A Rebinder Office Supply Pack
Community Coffee Sampler Pack
A Beautiful Heart Shaped Nesting Bowl Set

Can you see why I am thrilled? I LOVE It!!
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1 comment:

Jessica said...

Damn you only didn't win a kitchen sink, nice going.