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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Book Review- Desire Unchained-Larissa Ione

Desire Unchained by Larissa Ione is #2 in the Demonica series, and since I won the first one I was hooked! I had to get this one, and now I know she is one of my fave PR authors!
This 2nd one is about Shade, Eidolon and Wraith's brother, they had another brother Roag but they thought he had died years ago. Any how, Shade is more of a playboy type than his brother Eidolon. In the first book, Pleasure Unbound it was about how Eidolon finds his mate. Both of these novels are adult, with graphic details which I think are imperative to her stories, and which make them unique. Shade and Wraith have this ability to sense each others pain or when they may be in trouble, (that sure would come in handy!!)and Shade ends up chained in a dungeon, with a former lover of his. He had no idea how he got there. This really picks up and I just couldnt stop reading it! I dont want to give alot of the plot away, but if you read Pleasure Unbound, then this a must read for sure!
I give this book 4 1/2 sodas!
I won a gift card to Amazon which is where I purchased this book!

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LindyLouMac in Italy said...

good to meet you, calling by from A Trillian Books to read your review.:) I have never heard of Larissa Ione. I did notice you are taking part in the 2011 Historical Romance Challenge and recommend you take a look at my recent review for Exit The Actress by Priya Parmar, if you have not already done so.