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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Little Switches That Make A Difference

For the longest time, I have lived in fear of change. Big or small, I found an excuse to not change. But over the past year, I lost my both of my parents, an uncle and an old friend. It made me think of all the things that I havent done that I wanted to do and realized that it will require change. And so I did!! First, I wanted to get my outlook on life in a better place. Success! I then discovered that I can do anything if I have the true desire to do it. And I do. So my next step, getting my house in order, my finances in order and not least of all, my health.I have started small with my health by drinking something other than soda at least once a day. Does it make a difference? Yes what I replaced 1 soda with has Vitamin C! I have also tried couponing -I am new to this- and have discovered that no matter how many you use, you will still save money!! Who wouldn't like that? Another small switch for me, finding products that are natural. Today I bought an acne product for my daughter that was not tested on animals and had no preservatives. I like that. Do small switches make a difference? Absolutely, even if you don't see it at first, they do. And over time those small switches can have a big impact, on whatever area you focus on.
My parents used to drink caffeinated coffee for years, then doctors told them to cut back the caffeine, and they did. At first they didn't  notice any difference. Then they discovered that they didn't become irritable if they didn't have so many cups of coffee. That was a small switch that made them both happier and healthier-at least a little bit! Another example, water. Bottled water or tap water? Tap water is free and doesn't require recycling. A small switch that definitely makes a difference. Paper or plastic? Now, you can carry cloth bags and help save the environment! Another small switch that makes a difference. Gas is another item, you can now make a small switch to a Hybrid vehicle and save gas. There are so many ways to make small switches that make a difference, and its terrific knowing that we have those choices to make a difference.

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