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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Book Review-Caines Reckoning by Sarah McCarty

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I picked up this book at Walmart about 2 months ago, as the cover caught my attention! Anyhow, it was definitely not what I was expecting.Caine's Reckoning
It starts at 3 women being held by bandits out in the wild territory of old Texas. There are 3 Texas Rangers,Caine, Sam and Tucker. They were informed that these ladies were missing and so they set out to find them.This is where Caine meets Desi. She has had a very rough life and when she meets Caine she didnt know what to make of him. This is what I love about this story, Caine's patience, understanding, and caring helped Desi through some seriously dark issues. she had been repeatedly raped, tortured.This book is also very adult, I wasnt expecting the actions/language that came about. It didnt bothe me, but if you want "clean" this isnt it! However I loved this one so much that I just bought Tucker's Claim, and I can't wait to dig into it!
Adult content.
4 Sodas
Bought with my own money.

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