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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My March Winnings!

Hi everyone, I have had an awesome month of March,I have done more reviews and my reading is going a bit faster.  And I have won some terrific prizes this month! Check it out:
2 Petcakes from Because its Fun To Win

Comanche Woman (book) by Joan Johnston-Martha's Bookshelf

Coupons from Little Simplicity

Ricky and Lucy's Italian Seasoning-Fishful Thinking

The Mistress House (book) from Deb's Book Bag

Coupons from Spend Less and Make Money

Dotmine Planner from Giveaways with Grace

Dove Body Wash from Sammi

Stouffer's Instant win on facebook-free coupon

Treasure Me-(book) One Book Shy 

Seduced by Destiny (book) by Kira Morgan from Bookhounds

Cat in the Hat DVD- Mom State of Mind

Isnt that awesome?

Are you ready for the April's Fool for Books Hop this weekend? I am participating!

Thanks for reading!

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