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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A just for fun post

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Hi everyone, yesterday was my daughter-M's 17th birthday,and she got money for an upcoming field
trip to Six Flags Fiesta Texas! Plus,her stepdad(my guy) took her shopping and she bought two outfits, one a sundress and the other a shirt and shorts. And then he took her and her best friend to the movies and dinner at our mall. And as well as the money for the field trip I gave her a few more dollars and the DVD Bambi as she is collecting Disney movies! Plus, her grammy gave her some cash also,so I would say she had a really good birthday!!  And I found out that I won two contests yesterday! At Debbies Book Bag I won the book The Mistress House!! Thank you Deb! And at Fishfulthinking I won a jar of Ricky and Lucy's Italian Seasoning! I cant wait to get these prizes! Meantime, I finally got my Amazon gift card that I won in Feb. from To Read Or Not to Read (Thank you again Marcie!!) and I picked two books from the Bargain section! I picked Step On A Crack by James Patterson and Larissa Iones book 2 in the Daemonica series, both books have shipped already!!And today I got my coupons that I won from Little Simplicity!(Thank you!!). I have started couponing, and I have just started my price book and Im learning as I go here! I am going to try to earn some extra cash, as our daughter_M will be graduating next year and I want to throw her a decent party!Thanks for reading!
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