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Friday, March 4, 2011

Book review-Vixen03-Clive Cussler

I am such a Cussler fan,I admit it.If you like adventure/action stories you must read a Dirk Pitt novel! I really enjoy how he incorporates the past with the present without it being tedious. Love it. Ok now a bit about the story!
It starts in an airfield in Colorado. This big, huge plane is about to fly a secret mission in the 1950's.The plane is heavily loaded, and the pilot was concerned with takeoff. Well, they did take off. But did not make their intended destination.Jump to present day. Dirk Pitt is enjoying some alone time with his lady friend in a cabin in Colorado.Dirk discovers a find in her garage that compelled him to investigate.And from here it really engages you with another situation that is also occuring.  I cannot stress enough, if you havent been on a Dirk Pitt adventure, you are sorely losing out!
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I bought this book with my own money.
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