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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Book Review Diamonds Are Forever

This book was just an incredible read.First, I must say I wasnt sure what to expect. But as I began reading I got caught up in it very quickly. Now to tell ya a little about it.
Cord Calloway is a minor league baseball player who dreams of making it to the big leagues. He starts seeing this beautiful doctor, Indy. One day he was riding his bike when he was run off the road and suffered a severe head injury. When he wakes, he has no recollection of dating Indy, but dating his ex-Cate. And from there he is on a journey to discover how he feels and who he feels for. There is also the fact that he hadnt been to church, and again, he is on a journey to find his way. There's quite a few twists  in here that I never saw coming.  This really reinforced my belief in true love!
I give this book a solid 4 cans of soda!
I bought this book.

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