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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Book Review Atlantis Found

Mr. Cussler sure knows how to write adventures, if you havent ever read a Dirk Pitt adventure,you sure dont know what you're missing!
It begins in Antarctica as a couple who were on an old whaling ship that got stuck in an ice floe make an incredible discovery. And from there, it just gets better.  And you will love the gadgets that Mr. Pitt uses in this story! Mr. Cussler, I LOVE the skycar!!!  I digress.  A miner in Colorado discovers an artifact similar to the first discovery. But you must read to find how they intermix (and they do).I love a good adventure, and Mr. Cussler has yet to write a book I havent liked! (Loved, enjoyed)

I read this for Global challenge!
I paid for this book.

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