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Friday, December 10, 2010

I've Been Tagged! My First!

Cmash Loves to Read has Tagged me with Holiday Tag! Thanks so much Cheryl! She has such a nice blog,and she's really, really nice! I am so thrilled to do this!

1.When do you usually know and feel that its finally the holidays?Thanksgiving, getting up and watching the Macy Parade always gets me in the spirit!
2.What do you want for Christmas this year?Something wonderful from my man!He knows how to make me smile with just the smallest things.
3.Do you go all out with decorations? No, but this year we did decorate our banister and front door. We live in an apt. complex, I think it looks real nice!
4.What are you doing Christmas Eve?Hopefully, turn off overhead lights and just have Christmas lights on and maybe watch something Christmasy and drink some eggnog- also hoping to have some cookies!!
5.What are you doing Christmas Day? First, we open gifts, then eat and get ready for the rest of the day. Later in the day we go to Grandmas for dinner and then come home and relax and relive the day!
6.Its Christmas time, what are you reading? I am reading 1 book for the Holiday challenge, and also just started Sue Grafton's B is for Burglar, I have the omnibus with the first three of her books.
7.Favorite movie to watch during the holidays? Miracle on 34th Street.
8.Favorite Christmas Song-Up on the Housetop
9.Favorite Holiday drink-Rum in eggnog
10. How is your Christmas shopping going?Just finished-YAY!
11.If you could spend Christmas anywhere else where would it be?I have 2 answers for this one!BUt I guess I would love to take my man to go see his family, that would make me happy to see him happy.(His grown boys)
12.Any holiday traditions?Not really
13. Favorite thing about the holidays?I love seeing the surprises on Christmas morning!
Ok I get to tag 3 bloggers I like so here are my three:
1.Comedy Plus
2.Debbies Book Bag
3.Once Upon a Chapter
Thanks again Cheryl!

1 comment:

CMash said...

Thank you for sharing so we can get to know you better...I really enjoyed reading about your Holiday thoughts. Hope you had fun with it.