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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I Have Returned!

Hello everyone and Happy Holidays! I hope Santa was good to everyone! I am sorry I was gone for so long, I took some time off for Christmas,but I am back and refreshed for all the great Reading Challenges and giveaways for the upcoming year! I want to Thank all of you for following me and I certainly hope to improve more next year!(Smiley face here). Okay I have some cool things coming up- my first author guest post will be in April, I will let you know when! But I am excited as she will  be my first author!! As you know the New Years Reading Resolutions giveaway is coming up Monday, I will post about that tomorrow and what my giveaway will be! And tonight I will be posting a book review for Book Blogs! I llook forward to doing more and am excited about the New Year!
Thanks for reading!
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