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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Book Review- Brooklyn Story

First I would like to Thank Book Blogs and Simon and Schuster for this opportunity! Now for the review!

This is a story of a young girl who lives with her mom and grandma, in a section of New York that she dreams of living. She is a junior in high school at the beginning of this story,and the story progresses all the way to graduation. It is the journey of getting to that point that makes this coming of age novel so enjoyable. You just cannot help rooting for her especially when things get tough. She has issues with her mom, and as most teen girls, thinks she knows better! But her dream is to write, and she does this faithfully through everything she experiences,I havent read a coming of age novel before this one, however it is so well written! A few people who have praised this book(from the back cover)Olympia Dukakis,Lorraine Bracco and Armand Assante.
This wonderful book was written by Suzanne Corso,who is the author  of 2 feature film screenplays and 1 childrens book! This is her first novel. And a great one at that. I couldnt stop reading this.  My rating- 4 Cokes!
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FTC: I received a copy of this book for review, I did NOT receive compensation for this review. Al opinions expressed here are mine alone unless otherwise expressed.

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