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Monday, August 23, 2010

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Hi everyone, I hope everyone has had a good day. I am going to be flying to Pgh for my dad's memorial, on Wednesday so I will be off line for a few days.I also have high cholesterol but I am on medication and am trying to uptake more fruits and veggies. Triglycerides are the fat stored in the blood that your body uses for energy, they are the main storage fat in the body. I guess I will have to work on that! live,love,laugh with the pondering princess has a post about this as well.
I know alot of people enjoy blogging for the money making opportunities, dont blame them- me too- but I also just like to really write what I am thinking or whats going on around me. I visit other blogs, and I love doing that and meme's they are great too. But thats not all there is to blogging! Maybe its just me, but it seems to me that there is more . Now I read daily tips and one time I read not to make your posts too long, but not make them too short either! Well if you have alot to say, that shouldnt be a minus but a plus! Oh well, I better go for now...LOL
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Brenda said...

I'm sorry about your dad! You're in my prayers.