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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Lots to Say

Hi everyone, Thanks for the comments! I have some cool news, 1st off, M.L.Malcolm saw my wishlist and is sending me a copy! Isnt that awesome? I cant wait for that!
Next, I won another book, called Barely a Lady from One 2 Try, Thank you Rita!! Please stop by her blog and say hello! I enjoy visiting other blogs, but  I also love posting as well!
Tomorrow my girls go back to school, Yippee! I love them dearly, but its nice when they are at school! I can get more yeah right!
Ok other news I just saw here online is Michael J.Fox is going to star on The Good Wife, I am so happy for him,I am sure he has been through alot.I used to love Family Ties, so I am glad he's going to do what he likes. As you know he does have Parkinson's Disease, which must be very difficult. Well thats my post for now, Thanks for reading!

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Dhemz said...

great exciting!

thanks for dropping by....great to be here....:)

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