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Sunday, August 15, 2010

In My Opinion 3

Hello everyone! Todays topic for My Opinion is Medicine. First off, I am on 3 medicines myself. 1 is for Bipolar, 1 is for depression, and 1 is for cholesterol. If I didnt have insurance there is no way I could afford these. However more Pharmaceutical companies are now offering some help if you cannot afford the medicine, which is good. What is-in my opinion-bad, is not everyone knows this. My mom for instance didnt get her meds for depression because she had no insurance, she thought (as did I until recently) that was the only way to get meds. Everyone is concerned that with the new reform, it will be even worse. That is unknown, we wont know until that happens. In my opinion, no one should have to suffer due to unability to pay for medicine.
I think we should all have a system where our medicines are paid for, without co-pays and all that dumb stuff.  Back in the Great Depression, they had a voucher system. I think we should have that for our medicines. What do you think?
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