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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Happy 100!

I found this at  This Little Family, the link-  This looked fun so here we go!
1.Slept overnight on a beach in a tent!
2.Traveled cross country by car!
3.I have been to Hawaii!
4.Learned to Cross Stitch in 11th grade
5.Played in the school band for 6 yrs-flute
6.Volunteered for the MDA telethon once!
7.Saved my girlfriend from drowning
8.I have been to Mexico!
9.I have vacationed at 3 different lakes!
10.I have learned to cook some mexican food!
11.I worked at a call center once
12.I had adult chicken pox-that was not fun
13.I was a girl scout
14.Took all business classes in high school
15.I donate to a charity once a month
16. I collect recipes
17. I love country,70's music
18. I love to read
19. Made love in a park!
20.Gave birth to two of my girls  alone
21.I had all of my teeth removed and got dentures when I was  26!
22. Learned to blog and am loving it!!
23.I like trying different foods
24.I am a big sister
25. Had th most  perfect day of my life inthe past 10 years!
26.I am Vitamin D deficient
27. I am Bipolar
28. Mom of an autistic girl
29.Love reading other blogs
30.My nickname is puttykat
31.I enjoy going to the library
32. I love going to the beach!
33.Recently lost my mom
34.Lost my suitcase
35.Met John Samos back in the 80's(Stamos)
36.Worked in a nursing home
37.I love Coca Cola
38. I smoke-cigarettes
39.I learned how to use a digital camera
40.I won $500 on a scratchoff
41.I have eaten oysters
42.Learned Silk ribbon embroidery
43.Read daily blog tips
44.I have donated plasma
45. I take naps
46.I come from a good sized family
47.I love orange chicken
48.I love even more papas con huevos
49.I have never broken a bone
50.I was on tv once
51.I cannot draw
52. I enjoy eating out
53.I have lived in three states!
54.I have grown roses-my favorite
55.Slept in both a car and a truck
56.Was homeless for 2 years
57. Had 8 boyfriends altogether
58.Have gained weight
59.Have never owned a car or home
60.Have been to drive in theater
61. used to make snow angels
62.have gone sled riding
63.have had snowball fights
64. I have swam in the Atlantic, Pacific, and the Gulf of Mexico!
65.I have ridden in a helicopter
66.I no longer use alot of makeup
67.I like brandy and soda
68.I love milk broth dumplings
69.Have seen Barry Manilow in concert
70.I am terrified of heights
71.I have assembled a four shelf stand alone
72.Love eggnog
73.Love Sweet tea
74.I have never won a large stuffed animal
75.Just bought speakers for the computer
76.Still back to school shopping
77.I eat spinach
78.I have seen the Gateway Arch
79.I won a tshirt
80.I have cooked shrimp
81.I have tried artichokes
82.I have bounced a check
83.I have cut my kids hair
84.Got a bee sting up my nose!
85.Cannot chew gum or eat nuts
86.Do not wear bottom dentures as they gag me
87.I have been on 3 different types of boats
88.Have been speedboating
89. have been on an aircraft carrier!
90.Have been to Virginia Beach and Atlantic City
91.Have been to a real working farm
92.Have been on a hayride
93.Have been through a haunted house
94.Have seen a concert on a park
95.Recently tried chicken bruschetta
96.Am a grandma of 2
97.I am an aunt of two girls!
98.I did the Census
99.I do not vote
100.This was a challenge!

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