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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Happy Saturday to You!

Hello and welcome my new followers and thank you!! I must post that my comments section wasnt enabled previous to today, and thanks to Mr. Harms at, he helped me enable them and also to help me put my entrecard on the sidebar-where it belongs!! So I am very grateful to him and give a big thank you!! His button is posted, top right of the sidebar. He has a very nice blog of giveaways and reviews!! So hope fully I will receive comments soon,yay!!
I like listing the top "best" things as I have mentioned before, and todays topic is the "best reasons to blog!" These are my opinions and thoughts only.
1. It enables you to speak about things that are important to you.
2.It is very interesting reading and meeting other bloggers!
3.The ability to share with others.
4.You can choose to make money or do reviews and giveaways.
5. MckLinky's-They are so fun!!
6.Entering contests-and winning!
7.Learning new things.
8.Adding different things to your blog, I find that fun also.
9.Knowing that you have followers, someone is reading what you are writing!
10.Blogging can open up new possibilities!!

I think I covered all the goodies of blogging!
I wanted to post and brag that my 16 yr old,M was inducted into the National Honor Society this past Wednesday, and we are so proud of her!! She is taking all pre college course right now, and she was having trouble with chemistry, but thankfully, it didnt hurt her GPA,or her ranking. Right now she is still in the top 10% of her class- another YAY!!
Well, here in So.Tx it has been very hot this past week, we've had to have the A/C on, which is going to drive up our light bill. But we live on the 2nd flr. in this apt. building, so the sun is beating right on the roof!! Ugh, and its only the middle of May!!Its been like 97 every day this week, but today, there's a nice breeze and so we have our windows open!! Well I am excited now that I got the comments section enabled and I look forward to any and all comments!! Thanks for reading!!

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