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Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Hello everyone! Blogger must be real busy right now, it took a few minutes for my page to load! Well, today I am proud to announce that I have received a Google Adwords coupon to use for free advertising for my blog!! I am excited about it and will be doing that after this post. Hopefully I will get more followers!! I am coming up on 90 days to get cached into google, and I am  looking forward to that as well.  
I hope all mothers had a great Mothers Day, I know I did! Here is a deal from Amazon to help you get organized  Living Organized: Proven Steps for a Clutter-Free and Beautiful Home. I think we can all use a little help!!  Here is a beauty sale item at Amazon,Olivella - Hand Cream - 2.54 oz Nice price!!And for those who like giving gift baskets here is a good idea-The Classic Gourmet Food Gift Basket - Medium - Perfect for any gift occasion! Ok now I want to tell you about this neat cake I saw from Geeky Gadgets newsletter,
Nintendo Tetris Game Cartridge Cake
 This is a cake!! Tetris fans would love this!! It was made by ElegantCakesaz's, I think the craft work on this is utterly fantastic!! Well I wanted to share this, as I thought  was really unique! I hope you liked it. Thats my post for today!! Ta Ta!!

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