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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hello Its Wednesday

Hello everyone, Well I wanted to write and catch up with my blog here. My Italian pork chops did NOT turn out the way I hoped, however I did learn what NOT to do!! And Monday, I made a terrific chili in my new slow cooker, and it was delicious!!   My kids went back to school Mon from their spring break, and its peaceful here for now..though summer is coming!!  Back where I came from (PA), every sat. night my dad, mom & cousins would get together and listen to "Saturday Night" which is disco 70's music, (and myself of course) and we'd have a few drinks and just have a good time. When I moved here one of the first CD's I bought was Pure Disco, I would love to have it again now, but mine broke and I havent replaced it yet, though I just might do that in the future!! It had great songs on there. I have posted a button for Shop With Me Mama as she is having a great contest, but you will have to see for yourself!! How's everyone's day going? I hope well. It is nice here, but overcast, it might rain.
I dont know about you, but I LOVE scented candles, I love trying new scents. Candles to My Door is having a fantastic sale, if your looking for great prices try them!!  I will be looking for other bargains to share with you as well, so stay tuned!!

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