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Friday, March 26, 2010

Happy Friday!!

HI Everyone, and a very happy Friday to you!! I am excited to write that I soon will be having my blog hosted, probably in the next week or so!! I am very happy about that!! Did you hear about the guy in Fla. who claims to be a relative of Dracula, is dating a 19 yr old and wants to move to Washington State and run for President of the US? Like thats really going to happen!! I saw this on Stumble and just thought it was a bit out there.
I am going to be visiting more blogs today,through Entrecard. Thats really a neat place. Ok, now for another blog that is having a FANTASTIC giveaway, its Momstart, she is giving away a Law and Order Criminal Intent prize package!!It includes a logo pin, hat, and 2 seasons of DVD's, but check it out!! Also, Jeff Goldblum will be starring in the Season 9 opener,and guess what? He's not only from my hometown, but he went to school with my aunt!! How awesome is that? I am a huge fan of his ( my aunt is as well he he)and I hope to watch it. It's on March 30th at 10/9pm, not sure which channel. And if you're a huge fan of Law and Order Criminal Intent, you can get the 5th year at which I think is great price!! 
I am going to try and find out today how to get my own button, that is my goal for my blog today...and of course to hopefully get more viewers!! I am also going to do a site/blog review once a week, I think that will be fun.

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