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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Review-An Atlas of Impossible Longing

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This is definitely an interesting read. It takes place in modern day India. A family starts a new life in a small town outside of Calcutta. When they first get there everything is nice. The husband moved them there so he could open his own "potions and pills" shop. He studied plants and flowers in the region to develop remedies. He worked constantly, while at home his wife and 2 sons were taking care of daily living. After the older son marries, the wife, kind of favored the younger son, and every day he would come and tell her everything going on  in his life. But she still missed the life in Calcutta-where she was from. All her family still lived there and she couldnt understand her husbands fascination with living in  such a small town. Finally her youngest son, goes and gets married. By this point, the wife is talking to herself and she suffers various ailments. It gets worse, she starts cursing at everyone around her, including at her sons new bride! Its tragic actually. There's even more tragedy to follow, and then a sweet love story. What I enjoyed about this novel is the descriptions of the places and people, and then the language! There is a glossary in the back so you can look up certain words! I enjoyed this very much. I give it 4 cans of soda!
I received this book for review from Free Press Tours, Simon and Schuster! Thank you very much!

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Samantha said...

on my comments, you left me my own link, hate Chris Christie too???? Are you a NJ mom? Where did you get that ad for your blog- please tell me so i can put one up as well! HATE that idiot!

ok- so- the book review- i didn't really see any sweet love story, though. i thought it was brutal.