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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Book Review The Silent Sea by Clive Cussler

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As you know I am a major Clive Cussler fan!  Mr. Cussler has a few different series, that are all enjoyable reads. However of the three,(that I know of) I absolutely love the Oregon Files series. The cast of characters are wonderful and easy to follow. In this adventure, Juan Cabrillo, Chairman of the Corporation, finds himself diving in a pit that 5 brothers once tried to find treasure in. Meantime there are bad guys looking for the same thing and are after Juan and his crew. His ship, The Oregon is just absolutely incredible. It is -on the outside- a rusty looking freighter. However, when Juan started his Corporation, he had the ship built with all the highest tech items he could get, and had it cleverly disguised on the ship. On top of that, Juan stands for whats right, sometimes against the rules. Such as in this novel, However I will say the ending of this one was fantastic. Don't want to spoil it. I absolutely recommend this novel.

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