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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Two For The Dough- Janet Evanovich

Another terrific Stephanie Plum novel! She works for her cousin Vinnie as a "recovery agent". In this book, Kenny Mancuso is wanted for missing his court appearance. He is also related to Joe Morelli, who Stephanie kinda works with, he is a cop. This takes place in Trenton, NJ. You cant help but love the characters in this series. I am now especially fond of Grandma Mazur (she packs!) and I definitely like Stephanie.  If you havent read a Stephanie Plum novel, please put it on your wishlist! This is definitely my favorite series by a female author.

I bought this book with my own money.

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MrsPhilipswithoneL said...

I love Stephanie Plum also. My aunt gave me 9,10, an 11 to read so I was hooked. Now I need to go back to the beginning and start at 1. You will love 9,10, and 11 when you get there. I may have to go to the library today :)

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