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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Some fun things!

Hi everyone, I wanted to write a post a little about me. Last summer my mom had passed away, and I had taken the Greyhound from here in South TX to Pgh Pa,a 2 1/2 day trip. Well about a week after the funeral my dad had a yard sale to raise some extra money for the funeral costs. He asked me to help lift this bookcase that was really tall and made of real wood-not particle board. Anyway, when I lifted my end (to get it out the door) I felt something go wrong with my knee. At first I thought I just wrenched it. Wrong. I came home about two weeks later, my knee hurting like crazy. I never told my dad, I just kept taking Advil hoping it would just go away. It didnt. A month and half later my dad passes away, only this time I got to fly to Pgh. Thank goodness, I couldnt take a bus trip with the way my knee was! Anyway, I had one changeover and wouldnt you know I had to walk clear across to the other side of the terminal? It was agony because I only had so much time! well my visit this time was alot shorter (1 week) but my knee just wouldnt stop hurting. But I tried not to let on anything was wrong, everyone was real upset as it was losing both my parents in the span of 2 months! Anyhow, I get home and figured I would just take it easy, not push walking too much. Meantime, I had told my honey all about it, and he said maybe i just pulled a muscle sometimes it takes awhile to heal. Jump to today, I finally go to my PCP, and I told him about it. He felt my knee and then got this needle and yow did I YELL! It hurt sooooo bad. He asked how I felt after the shot, I said it didnt change anything! He said (get this) I probably have a fracture and I need to get an Xray! so I am going to get that done here really soon, as I cant take going up and down the steps here to my apt. And the pain just doesnt quit. It doesnt help that I gained 12 lbs in 2 months! So anyway, wonder what they will do for knee?  Okay enough about my discomfort-(I hate that word!) You will feel some discomfort...yeah called PAIN!! LOL  Ok, changing subjects!
Today I got two books in the mail(love good mail days) one I ordered from Book Depository, called
"Whisper of Warning" by Laura Griffin. I have seen good reviews and thought I would try one! and the second one, I won- Its called "Heart and Soul" by Maeve Binchy, an author I have seen but havent read yet!! Thank you Mary Beth!
As you may have noticed (I certainly hope so) I have a Kaz banner-above- that sells humidifiers, air filters, heaters,heat/cold therapy etc. Well heres a bargain for the Spring Allergy season!
Save 25% on Honeywell Air Filters and Air Purifier, also applies to any other product! here is the coupon code-APS25. Hurry, this expires 2/22! Go to
For Beatles fans, "I Love" is now out on Itunes!
Okay and one more thing, for tea lovers everywhere! To help with colds and flu try Celestial Seasonings Echinacea Complete Care you might also like Sleepytimes Sinus Soother! I bet these would work great with a Vicks humidifier from Kaz-hehe. Anyhow, I love tea and I would like to try
the Fastlane black tea,its been awhile since I had caffeinated tea!
Okay this is my post for today! Thanks for reading!

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