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Monday, February 7, 2011

Books and Chocolate Swap Received!

Hi everyone, I just received my Books and Chocolate Swap, and I am here to tell ya all about it! Wow, am I impressed and I must thank my swap partner-Miss Print!
Ok first I got this lovely brown bubble wrapped envelope, which felt really thick! Of course Im excited, so I grabbed my scissors and cut open the top of the envelope and pulled out two beautifully wrapped books (a purple tissure wrap with white ribbon) and two bags of Reeses Pieces wrapped with same ribbon, gorgeous!Plus a lovely card!Now, to open the gifts!I opened the first book, and ta-da! A lighted bookmark! Very nice!(Love it!) and the book"Once in a Full Moon" by Ellen Schreiber. On to pkg #2,the book "Afterlife" by Claudia Gray with a cornered page cover plus a swag postcard inside the book of "The Season"! I TOTALLY love everything, MISS PRINT THANK YOU!! I hope she loves the swap I sent her as well!!


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you liked everything! I had fun putting it all together. I still need to post about it but I got my package today and loved it! Thanks so much :)

Anonymous said...

What a great swap!!