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Monday, February 14, 2011

Book Review Glorious Angel by Johanna Lindsey

Yeah I finished another book last night- Actually started and finished! Glorious Angel by Johanna Lindsey, one of my favorite authors of historical romances. This one takes place in the 1800's in Alabama during the Civil War. A young girl being raised by her father live on a small piece of land owned by a wealthy family. Angela is the young girl who falls in love with one of the owners sons, Bradford.  At first he sees her as a young girl, but then time goes by and she becomes quite the looker and has problems with other guys, who are after her. But she only has eyes for one man. Now how they get together is something you need to read for yourself! This is a heartwarming story, and I must say enjoyable characters. The copy I have was written in 1982! I myself was 12!!LOL
I rate this romance 3 sodas
I bought this book used.

50 States Challenge-Alabama

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