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Friday, January 7, 2011

Giveaway and Challenges

Hello everyone! Wow, I am having a great response to my giveaway! Thank you and I want you to know that every few months I will be doing  a JB's Box of Box Giveaway which will have books that I enjoyed but dont really want to keep. So stay tuned for that!
How are your Challenges coming along? I see people who have like 8 books done already and I am still working through my first two! I decided to pace myself at 2 at a time so I dont overwhelm myself! Anyway, how do they do it? Do they not do anything else? Just wondering..
Well I am happy about something, I found an X author (Ive ordered it) for the A-Z Challenge- I signed up for the author section. So I am quite happy as I worried about X!!LOL
Good luck everyone and Happy Reading!

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