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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Book Review-Rules of Betrayal

This was a fast paced espionage thriller. It caught my interest from the get-go, however, I must say, you absolutely must like action/spy novels to read this. I enjoy good spy novels, but this has been one of the best. Now also mind you this is the first book of his that I have ever read-it certainly wont be the last!Ok  now for a brief summary.
Dr. Ransom is on a mission in a foreign country to help with medical care, i.e. Doctors Without Borders. He ends up getting embroiled in a war in the village he is in and he comes to find out that his wife (who is an agent)is in serious danger and he becomes the only one who can help her.
I loved how Mr. Reich intertwined his characters with the plot, very engrossing. And I NEVER, expected the ending the way it turned out! As I said this is a great spy/action book.
My ratings:5 sodas A must for any/all spy novel readers!
I won this book. This review is done for the A-Z Author Challenge.
Thanks for Reading!
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Rules of Betrayal

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