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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Book Review-Deliver Us From Evil-David Baldacci

First off, I discovered Mr. Baldacci about 1 year ago with one of his Camel Club series books-I am pretty sure it was "Stone Cold". I was absolutely hooked!I even got my honey into his books! We have since then accumulated as many books of his as possible! We are eagerly awaiting Hells Corner in paperback!
But I have just read "Deliver Us From Evil" .
This book isnt part of the Camel Club per se,however one of the characters from the Club is the main character in this story. It is a very gripping action/spy novel. The bad guy is so bad in this one he actually gave me chills. Very nicely done.
A bit of the plot:Shaw is doing surveillance on this guy who happened to be ex-KGB. And another team is also after this guy for war crimes he had committed in the past!Its almost funny seeing how Shaw and the woman in charge of the team,actually learn to work together. I loved the details in this novel, very well researched.The plot though is what keeps you hooked.
My rating 5 sodas.
Disclaimer-This book was purchased with my money, and this review is solely my own opinion.

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