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Thursday, December 2, 2010

New this week

On Tuesday I received a box of books that I won from Julie at One Book Shy of A Full Bookshelf, and they are all paranormal romances. Well, I normally dont read paranormal, but ALL  4 books looked so good, that I started reading one today. The books I won are
1. Marked for Passion-Kate Perry (I am sooo loving this book!)
2.My Wicked Enemy-Carolyn Jewel
3.Sins of the Flesh- Caridad Pineiro
4.Pleasure Unbound-Larissa Ione

And then today I received the book I won from Cmash Loves to Read (Thanks Cheryl!)- Rules of Betrayal by Christopher Reich! So I got some nice reading ahead! Also I finished 3 books this week (good for me) 2 are for the James Patterson Challenge- Along Came A Spider and The 8th Confession! I also read Golden Buddha-Clive Cussler, I love the Oregon Files series! So thats my update on my reads! Thanks for reading!

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