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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Holiday Traditions

A Holiday tradition of ours when I was growing up, was on Christmas Eve. First, Dad would bring down our HUGE box of Christmas tree ornaments and garlands for the tree. Dad would bring the tree in on Christmas Eve afternoon, and get it in the stand and give it water. Anyway, my grandparents would come over about 6:30pm (and me and my brother couldnt wait for them to get there) and the fun would start! Mom would put out all the cookies that she made (sometimes I got to help) and Dad put the radio on a channel that played only Christmas music, and we would start decorating the tree, one person at a time! My grandfather handpainted Christmas ornaments every year until he got really sick. We would get pictures taken hanging our ornaments, and sing along and eat cookies and drink eggnog!!This one of my favorite memories!

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Brenda said...

That sounds like a great tradition! I'm really impressed that your grandpa used to handpaint ornaments. They must be beautiful!