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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Elderly Care

Back in 98, I worked in a nursing home as Dining Room Staff. I met some very wonderful older people, who just liked having someone smile and say hello. And then about two weeks after I started, I noticed that one older lady had bruises on her forearms. So I asked her what happened, she said she bruised easily. I didnt believe it but I didnt say anything else. As time went by, I saw little things that were just not right. One night ( I had dinner shift) this aide was rolling a man ina wheelchair, and she had to push him down three stairs, which you are supposed to set the brake on the chair so you can control it. Not this gal, she just wheeled him down all three steps, and by the time she got to the bottom he had fallen out! And she had the NERVE to yell at him! That did it for me, I went off on the aide, who told me to mind my own p's and q's or I would lose my job, (not a big deal) as she knew the owner quite well. Well, I told my boss and he said you" will see things you probably shouldnt" but not to worry about it.Huh. How can people really be that indifferent? 90% of those people in that home didnt have anyone visit them, and they had to put up with people like that aide. Now on the flipside of this coin, is when my grandfather went into a home in 2000,(a different home, in the same borough) the people there were fantastic!They did so much for their residents, and I rested easy cause granddad was well looked after. Well, I have some info on this subject.
In the U.S. 86% of the one million or so residents in assisted living facilities pay for care out of their own pocket. (They shouldnt have to). The rest get help from family,friends. Medicare doesnt pay unless skilled nursing care is needed and given in certified facilities. This is what WE also get to look forward to, and maybe even worse. What gets me is these are the people who worked and labored to build better lives for their families and country. Men served in the Wars and women cared for the home-although some women also worked but that wasnt very common. We wouldnt have what we do today without their working. I was always taught to respect my elders. Its a shame THATS NOT TAUGHT IN SCHOOL.
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