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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Disco Music

Hello everyone! One week until my birthday! (14th)Looking forward to it! I wanted to write about something that I know and like -disco music/and/or 70's music. I guess because I grew up with it! For starters Bee Gees were my all time favorite, I had a major crush on Andy Gibb (I was like 9 or 10). Saturday Night Fever was HUGE! I still listen to music from the Bee Gees. Then Grease was another major movie,and everyone had the album! Then of course was the great artists of that time. KC and The Sunshine Band, Donna Summer, The Village People,Gloria Gaynor,Van Mccoy(The Hustle),and so many more.I remember my parents telling me to turn the music down, as I played it loud while I danced in my room. I had a turntable with an 8 track player and AM/FM radio all in one !The funny thing is, the music is still good!!(At least I think so!!)
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