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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Thirsty For Comments

Hello everyone! Thirsty for Comments is hosted by
Acting Balanced. I know I would love to have more comments!
The rules are simple - 

1. Link up a post that you'd like to have more comments on - can be anything!
Add the Thirsty for Comments Thursday button to the post if you like - you can grab it from my sidebar --)
2. Visit at least two other blogs and READ the posts and comment thoughtfully on the post.
3. Follow the blog if you like, but it's not required... this hop is all about giving good comment!
4. I would love it if you follow Acting Balanced so that you get reminders to link up posts every week... but you don't have to do that either.
5. Create a new post to help spread the word about Thirsty for Comments Thursdays to your followers who like to leave good comment, again - not required, but sharing is wonderful :)
6. Leave feedback about what you think of this Meme idea.  Any and all constructive feedback is welcome!
mments, how about you?
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2 comments: said...

thanks for the extra bloggy love spreading the word about the new meme - I'm hoping that it will catch on with like minded individuals, so please stop back by next Thursday for more great comment love opportunities!

BTW - really love the idea of the birthday exchange - and since it's m bday today, especially appropriate that I found your blog :)

genny said...

hi, am your newest follower thanks for dropping by at my site. am doing the visit too. cheers!