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Wednesday, October 27, 2010


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Hello everyone! My neighbors daughter ran away, yesterday. I remember when I was 15, I ran away also. I thought I knew everything! HA! What a joke. But I cant help remembering the fact that I met someone who really did his best to steer me in the right direction, alas, I didnt listen. What happened was, I met this girl in 10th grade and she just didnt want to be there. So she talked me into cutting school;and at first it was great fun. We would walk from our school to Mcdonalds and then go to the shopping center. Just goof around,no drugs.(Or alcohol).However, after a week of this I got really uncomfortable with missing every day of school. She didnt want to take no for an answer and ended up threatening to beat me up (she was tough) so this time she decided we would just run away.Well she did have a hard life at home and I felt for her but now I was scared because I was going to be not in familiar surroundings,but I didnt want her coming after me either. Long story short, I met this terrific guy. He gave me shelter a few times, and as I said wanted me to go home and settle things with my parents. Did I mention this had been going on for about 4 months? And, that this guy and I were really fond of each other.But I blew that big time. Anyway my parents had got tired of worrying about me and put me in a group home.It was the best thing for me. My grandparents told me that if I finished high school,then they would take me to Hawaii in June. I promised. I went to Hawaii and had the time of my life. I brought my grades up in11th grade and whizzed through my senior year. My grandparents were so proud. Runaways dont have a clue as to how dangerous it is out there, I know I didnt. I really wish they would.
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