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Saturday, October 9, 2010

24 Hour readathon and other news

Hello everyone. Happy readathon day! Before I post about my progress on my books, I just wanted to post that I received my Pocket Full of Posies meal planning kit yesterday and I love it!! I am definitely a future customer!! Thanks again goes to Take It From Me, for great contests!
Ok now for the books, well I have started reading Sinful in Satin and so far I am not real impressed, sorry to say. I bought this book at walmart cause I saw it at Writerspace. Well, its on my bottom of the pile book because I personally dont find it interesting! Soooo, I started War and Remembrance- now THIS book is engrossing! This was my moms book,which I find interesting as she only used to read Star Trek and Isaac Asimov!! Anyway I am enjoying this one so far! And last but certainly not least is the Queen of Mystery (to me anyway) Agatha Christie's Halloween Party. Very short book I should whiz through this one! And finally I want to post that I am thrilled to be doing this, and I am grateful and very happy with my cheerleaders and other supporters- THANK YOU!!
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