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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Postful of News!

Hello everyone! I have a few things to talk about. One is I lost a good friend, and my first boyfriend(4th grade)last week. He was 44. He left behind a teen girl.His cousin was also my BFF all through school and she will be calling me tonight. This has been such a shock, though he did tell me once he had heart problems,well he had a heart attack and after surgery, he didnt respond,so the family pulled the plug. I think thats such an ugly way of putting it as I had to do that with my mom this past June. Not a good year for me as you can tell! But, time does help. I will miss my friend, but I know he's not suffering any more. And he wouldnt want me to be too sad. He was a clown,but he loved to play guitar. He was quite good at Free Bird by Lynrd Skynrd.Its just a shame he was so young. Okay, now on to happier news.
I WON a prize from Take it From Me's Blog, I won a wonderful Pocket Full of Posies Meal Planning Package!! I cant wait to get it!! This is just what I need! I m so happy!
I have just signed up for a great giveaway event coming up in November-My birthday month! Its called the Gratitude Giveaway and it is a hop! Its going to be so much fun! The link if you are interested in signing up is:  I will also have the button on my sidebar along with all the other cool events going on! Welcome to my new followers and thanks for reading!

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