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Friday, July 9, 2010

Stupid Lawsuit

Hello to all my wonderful readers! i am writing today about the lawsuit of McDonalds. The people who are suing Mcd's are claiming that the toy that comes along with the Happy Meal encourages kids to eat fatty foods. Do you believe this? The reason kids are fat is because they arent getting enough exercise! And whose fault is that? Oh, just the PARENTS! To me if they dont encourage outside activities besides gaming, computers then those kids will gain weight. On top of that, who put healthier things on their menu? Like apple slices,salads etc. Now who buys those meals for the kids? Again, the PARENTS! And who has one of the BIGGEST charities for children? Mcdonalds. Mcdonalds to me is as American as apple pie. If they offer us healthier foods to eat, how can that be wrong?
Problem is, they want to blame everyone else but themselves. Thats the first place they should look before pointing fingers and starting useless lawsuits that cost money.What do you think?

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Leslie M. said...

hahaha I saw this! Although I am a vegetarian I think this is ridiculous! Our system is overrun with frivolous lawsuits! CRAZY!!!

People Love to complain, make waves and create nonsensical issues!


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