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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Interesting?/Weird Story

Hello everyone, i hope any of you that are going through this heatwave here in the Northeast are staying cool and hydrated! its 93 here in Pgh, which is very hot. South Tx where I live is like this every day, so its not new to me, however  I dont do too well in heat like this!!
I heard this story today and wanted to post about it. There's this 91 yr old woman who lives in rural area here in PA, who has her dead husband and twin sister (also dead) in her house with her! She had someone bring them to her after they were buried, because she didnt want them to be alone! She's claustrophobic so she thought her twin would be also. Every day she talks with them. Now personally I couldnt handle that, however she is 91!Obviously the law got on this and according to the prosecutor she will be allowed to keep them their as long as she builds them a crypt! She said thats what she's going to do! I hope no one found this story offensive, its just so offbeat that I had to write about it!
Reminder, tonight ends my little contest, 1 entry so far! Thanks for reading!

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