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Friday, July 16, 2010

Fine Friday

Hello everyone, I hope all is well with you. I am doing pretty good. Today me and my honey took the girls to the public library, and it was really nice. I had never been to it and so now I have my own card and took out two books!Afterwards we had lunch at Wendys and I had the Spicy chicken caesar salad, boy is it good! Yum!
Also before I left Pgh , dad and I went to dinner and I had chicken bruschetta with broccoli and a baked potato, wow did I love that chicken! Now Im looking for a recipe to make it!!
Well they claim they have officially stopped the oil spill in the gulf as of this afternoon, according to I certainly hope so, so much damage.Here is something you may find interesting, back in the 90's, actor and martial law artist, Steven Seagal did a movie called "On Deadly Ground", guess what it was about? How about an oil rig that went online without being up to code! Sound familiar? I find that an incredible coincidence. It also depicts oil spills and how it affects others. Very good movie. My question is how did he see this coming? Interesting...
I dont know about you but there is other issues out there better than what Lindsay Lohan is doing, jeez give it a rest already! Anyhow if you havent seen this movie, it is REALLY good.
Cant beat the price! Thanks for reading!

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