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Friday, July 2, 2010

Family Friday

Hello everyone! Tonight my cousin came to visit, I havent seen him in like 11 years, and we had such a nice time catching up. Every Friday night my grandparents would take me out to visit with his family, my grandma's sister/cousin as she was adopted by that family, which was already family. Confusing, I know. Anyhow  I grew up with this cousin and we had so many years of picnic and playing around together. Legally he was adopted, anyhow it was such a nice evening.
Do you believe I have written 120 posts already?
Do you believe the oil spill? Why cant they stop this? Its outrageous, and to me, criminal to what its doing to sea life, beaches, and everything else.
My mom was a Star Trek fan and she has oodles of books, and I cannot find a place online that wants them, I have tried several places, nada. If anyone knows of any Trekkies who would like to buy some books please email me or leave a comment! My dad would like to sell them, and I am trying to help him do that. Thanks!
Since I have been here my whole way of thinking has changed. I see things from a different perspective then I did two weeks ago.
I am hoping to have some guest posts here real soon, so stay tuned! Thanks for reading!

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