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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Sweet Saturday!

Hello! Thanks for following! I have so much to say, but I want to say first and foremost how much I love and enjoy blogging, I just think its the greatest thing! Today I will do 10 "Best" deals and I hope you will find it useful, but before I do that I want to write a little about whats going on here in my part of the world!! First off, Thursday morning I woke up and could not hear out of my left ear, I thought it would just "pop" and go back to normal. Well, thats not the case. Not only can I not hear but it hurts really bad when I yawn, burp, cough or sneeze. I must call my doc on Mon. and get it looked at, after 2 days of this I think something is wrong.
All this week I've been back and forth between Firefox and Explorer because Firefox kept crashing on me, yet the Explorer hasnt crashed but I have to retype every password and all that, so thats been a bit annoying!!
My youngest girl, A, who is autistic is in extended year program, so she goes for her special ed classes 4 days a week until later this month. And, finally, summer may not have officially started, but its 104 here right now and that sure feels like summer to me!!LOL
Also I want to post that I am going through my big box full of recipes and soon I will post 10 recipes at a time for anyone who wants them, they can let me know! I have way to many that I know I will never use, so I thought it would be nice to offer them to my followers!
Ok now for the list of deals with links!!
"Best Deals @ Amazon"
1.Private Label - Girls Aqua Shoe, Aqua price:$4.90!!
2.Sassy Baby's Circus Pals on Board $8.95  for babies!
3.Lohasrus July 4th Sale - Kids Picnic Table + Umbrella 13732 - Non-toxic Clear White Wash Painted Fir, Indoor / Outdoor, for Ages 2 to 5, Free Drawing Book, Only 10 Sets on Sale!
4.North on South St. by Herp Alpert, jazz
I personally like his jazz! $5.18
5.Dell Latitude D610 Laptop Computer, Super Fast 1.860GHz, 14.1", 1GB DDr2 Ram Memory, Built In WiFi Wireless Internet, Docking Capable, XP Restore Disk Included I would love this!! $215.00!
6.Taiwanese Tea Sampler (3 Tins) - Jasmine, TiKuanYin (Iron Goddess) & Dong Ting Oolong (Wu Long) Tea (Loose Tea) I love flavored tea!  $19.99
7. $10.42 Great Fathers Day Gift!
8.Sunny Health & Fitness Yoga Mat for those who do yoga!!$8.87
9.Hooked on Phonics Learn to Read Pre-K Edition $20.99 I have heard good things about this program!
10.Private Label - Ladies Metallic Cork Wedge Sandal, Gold (Size L9-10)$4.90  Very nice price!!
Ok thats the end of my list for today!
I am still working on my blog, I am constantly trying to make it better, I think  this is so much fun!!  Thanks again for following!!

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