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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Hello everyone!

Hi everyone, sorry I havent posted recently! I had some issues that needed taken care of, all is well now!! The weather here has been in the 100's the last few days, thank goodness for a/c!! I sure hope it doesnt break this year! 2 summers ago it did break, when it was 113 for 6 days straight!!All I had was a floor fan, that was no fun believe me!! Well now its thundering and lightning, maybe it will rain and cool things down. That usually doesnt last long though!  I hope everyone had a good Memorial Day, we didnt do anything,i.e.cookout as it was too hot!!(see above!!) I am very happy to see I have more followers!! Thanks so much!
Well here is my pick for the day:
Veggies - Womens Slip On Gator Shoe, Khaki (Size 8M) $9.90!  Well thats my post for today, I will write  more soon!! Take Care!

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