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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Terrific Tuesday!!

Hello everyone, thanks so much for reading. This morning (5am) it started storming, so I was up a little early! It didnt last long but it certainly cooled the temperature here a bit, which is nice!
I dont know if I mentioned this but I won another contest (very grateful and happy), this was from Robyns Online World, Tyson Grilled chicken strips. I get a coupon for free strips!! Yippee!! I am so happy about that. Also, this week I got my Kraft sample box which had some cool coupons and free samples of coffee and wheat thins. I will be eating these soon, LOL.
I am soo happy my comment thing is working, and I like knowing that I have readers, so thanks again!!
I have been going through my recipes and cookbooks, planning my meals. I love collecting recipes and cookbooks, and Amazon has some great ones like this one:Lodge Texas Treasury of Dutch Oven Cooking Cookbook Being I live inTx I may be getting this one next month! But today I made rump roast with potatoes,carrots and onions in my slow cooker. I love slow cooking, and I definitely want to get this book:The New Creative Crock Pot Stoneware Slow Cooker Cookbook I definitely would love this one.
Well I am going to go enter some contests, as I love doing that!! Comments are very welcome, and thanks for reading!!

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