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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Sweet Saturday!

Hello everyone, I hope all is well with you! Today I am proud to announce that I am giving away 5 Disney codes to 5 lucky winners, 1 each. All you do to enter is post a comment on my blog about what you like on or about this blog!! Thats it!! I will select winners on May 7th. 
Well I went shopping at Walmart today, as it is the closest store and I love Walmart anyway, I got a great bargain on Colgate toothpaste! I got a 3 pack for $5.96! Not too bad, I think. I also got some nice summery clothes for me and my youngest daughter, who's 15th bday is coming up on the 25th!! My top "best" subject this week is:The Best reasons to shop online:
1.You can compare prices very easily.
2.You may find discount codes that knock your price down.
3.Things that sell online may not always be found elsewhere.
4.Shipping!! Sometimes you can find free shipping, which saves you money!
6.Staying out of traffic and crowds!
7.Some sites reward you for shopping
8.Choices: they are wide open
9.You dont have to get dressed!! (LoL)
10.Prices:can find something for your budget!
That is my post for now!!

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