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Friday, May 21, 2010

A Fun Filled Friday!

Hello everyone, thank you for following!! I hope everyone is having a good day so far!! I am having a really great day, as I just found out that I won another contest!!Its a framed 5x7 print! I am real excited about it,cant wait to get it. I chose a picture of a dock, its really nice. I think it will make a great Fathers Day Gift!!
And as you know today is follow me friday I will be putting the post on later on, I do so enjoy doing them! I have found sooo many nice blogs and I enjoy reading as many as I can, I alternate often. 
Well, my 16 yr old had to get her tetanus shot yesterday, she also got a second varicella vaccination. Her arm is hurting. Thankfully we have Ibuprofen. And also, last night we had a mandatory meeting about her taking college courses in her junior yr, (12 hours) she had to take this test (THEA) and pass all 3 subjects to qualify for all 12 hours. Well, we got her score yesterday and she passed 2/3. So we will see what she decides to do. Meantime, she is looking to do more community service, as she needs so many hours for graduation. Wow, we didnt have any of this when I was in school. But as you may or may not know, she was just inducted into the National Honor Society, so she is still doing quite well!!
I just came from this cute blog and I decided that I am going to post a new button, every now and then,I just dont want to use up all the space-hahaha!! I want to thank everyone for their comments, and please keep them coming!! I will write more later on!!

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