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Thursday, April 1, 2010

April Fools Day

Hi  I hope you didnt have too many pranks played on you today!!:)
Well, I saw online earlier a man found 88 million dollars in his account!! Can you imagine? I'd love to find that kind of money!!
For other news, the new Apple Ipad goes on sale at their flagship store in NY on Sat. April 3rd. One person is already in line!! I guess I am not that much of a techie!!
Amazon has a great deal on Iphone though,Samsung Ace i325 Phone, Black (Sprint) so if your looking to upgrade your phone, this may help!!
I also wanted to share that I won a $5 gift card to Subway, from entering their contest a while back! So now I have won 3 things!!
Is everyone ready for the Easter bunny? My kids are bigger now, so we just get them a few nice things and have a cookout!! Yes really.
They are off school tomorrow. I think thats good. has a contest where you can win a trip to Hawaii.
Bargain is also having a contest, you can win a $100 CVS gift card. I believe you sign up for the newsletter.
Please feel free to leave comments, I appreciate it!!

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