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Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Hi again, now for my regular post!! Well I came up with a list of the "best" categories ( I have quite a few!) and am going to start with survey sites, as I just did one and earned $1.50!! I like earning a little extra, so I hope these will help you and that this will be useful!! Ok. 
1. I love this place, the surveys are usually short. Thats where I just earned $1.50!! $5 signup bonus!!
3.Valued pays cash also you can take surveys here.
5.Toluna Another one I really like.
6.Quick They have several you can do in one day!!
7.Daily Survey Panel- This is for points.
8.Life,fun and Not often but good place. also has daily surveys
10.Treasure Trooper-daily surveys also
I hope that you will find something useful out of all my "best" posts, I will be doing them once a week for now!!
I wish everyone well, and thanks!!

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